About Us

Hello, my name is Reanna Fisher and I am the owner of Reanna Marie Boutique! I have always loved fashion and clothing since I was a little girl. My senior year of high school, it finally clicked on what I wanted to do. I figured out that I wanted to be a business owner and be my own boss. Most importantly, I wanted to own my own clothing store! May of 2021 I graduated from college with an associates degree in business and technology and in June of 2021 I established Reanna Marie Boutique. 

I wanted to create a boutique that had it all in one! From vintage/retro denim to upcycled/re-purposed Louis Vuitton. From modern trendy clothing to western trendy clothing. I wanted to take a variety of different styles and place it all into one store! Most importantly, I couldn't have made this happen without the love and support of my family, friends and customers!